SOUNDING THE SHOFAR (lo leggo ma non sono in grado di tradurre)

SOUNDING THE SHOFAR (lo leggo ma non sono in grado di tradurre) dans immagini sacre e testo jub_new_small


This painting is an image of restoration.  The shofar would sound in ancient Israel at the time of the Jubilee. You can read about it in the Book of Leviticus, Chapter 25 in the Old Testament.  It was time for freedom for God’s people.  Sons and daughters came home, debts were forgiven, life was renewed. When the shofar was blown to begin the Jubilee, scriptures call it the joyful sound. As  love began to heal my wounds and make the darkness flee, I had a need to think in a new way.  I did not want to think the way the world had taught me. I did not want to be angry, bitter, vengeful, or rejected any longer.   I had never read the Bible before this time of my life.  I had been raised in a religion that discouraged anyone from looking into the contents of the Bible siting that it needed interpretation from Bible scholars.  What a laugh!  The Bible is for those who read it with childlike faith; for inside the covers of this marvelous book lies the key to the mysteries of life itself.  The book is a love letter from the One who created and designed us.  It is the story of God and Mankind.  Here I found the very treasures to heal my mind and help me to think a new way; to think the truth.  As I consumed its contents like a starving child, I began to have the power to live for the first time in my life.

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